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Day: July 26, 2022

Can you support both voting and equity?

“Democracy” is just an excuse to pretend governance must be through public opinion rather than natural law and natural rights. Therefore, if public opinion can exploit the voting system, Marxism can transition to removing voting altogether in the name of equity. The next step then is removing dissidents because equity means agreement. Then there is no competition as the Party Leader ensures none…

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What if govt itself is killing our future?

Cold fusion. Flying cars. Cheap and natural medicine. Cleaner air. More efficient self-defense tools. Happy populace. Stronger, healthier, wealthier communities and local businesses.

We underestimate the heavy burdens govt places on innocent people…

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The political bathroom door

“This restroom may be used by any person” is sufficient for a single stall bathroom. E.B. White would face palm the poor grammar. The rest is just announcing your team, HR dept regulations, and allegiance to a globalist financial agenda to destroy science and family….

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What’s the difference between a 2nd Amendment and a Pro-Choice rally?

Have you ever seen so many murders and conspirators show up in one place as a abortion rally? The mafia is wondering how to get they kind of protection…

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Gender Politics Trap

This one needs explaining.

If you’ve studied philosophy (metaphysics, philosophy of science, philosophy of mind), you run into this concept of “identity.”Identity is what a thing is. What is a tree? What is a cloud? What is an atom? What is diamond? What is a human person? And then analyzing it, you discover the necessary and sufficient conditions of what makes that thing what it is…

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Who gave the better response?

Just a curious observation of the last four days around the polarizing figure.

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God is not our heavy.

In politics, many like to use God to manipulate to their own ends. They pretend God is a pawn that chose their side.

The battle of is reality vs fantasy. Always had been. Evil relishes fantasy and polluting what is real and good. But we didn’t make reality or fantasy. Rather, we choose which will have our commitment. The pure in heart pursue reality. But we can’t manipulate reality to fit our fantasies, no matter public opinion or how high the vote…

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Libertarian and the loss of goodness.

If Libertarian merely meant there is an authority higher than government that government should never violate, I can celebrate that. But far too many claim government should be reduced or eliminated BECAUSE of the self being the highest authority. Therefore they will promote any lifestyle and choice as a Right. You see it in their tweets and memes. Freedom, not goodness, is their telos…

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Read up with Open Source Defense.

This is a spontaneous endorsement (they don’t know me nor know that I’m posting this). I believe our responsibility as free and good people is to point out the work that resonates with us. Platformed Voices for the 2a are prolific. Many are news. Many are gun reviews and info for owners. Some are legal analysis. Few go into the cultural philosophical side of things in a clear and accessible way. But @opensrcdefense does. Every essay is a delight to read to deepen your perspective on the interplay of culture, law, rights, and human behavior.

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The 2a is for ALL arms, not just small arms.

The Democrats’ whole position for years is to whittle away at the lethality of certain features on small arms. SMALL arms. They are fixated on it without seeing the inconsistency. And people try to argue within that *criteria of lethality* by pointing to minutia and contradictions. Hand grips. Bayonet attachments. Magazines. *yawn* We know there are contradictions among democrats talking guns. They can’t help it. They need to push the emotional over the reasonable. But we gotta stop playing that game….

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Disempowering those they claim to empower.

They love to talk about “women’s rights” and “gay rights” and “trans rights” and “minority rights,” etc. But then they perpetually attack the rights of those groups. The unalienable right to keep and bear arms applies to these people as much as anyone. And helps them protect themselves from tyrants that wish to do them harm….

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God *likes* you too.

God isn’t putting in charity time, plugging his nose, and loving you because he wants to get social media credit. He isn’t merely a distant aunt that sends us cards on our birthday with well wishes. He doesn’t love us because he has to do it because, well, you know, he’s God and that’s in his job description…

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