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Test post #2

This is a second test post for today. If you see this, please reply! Thank you for subscribing!

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Glee to make life darker

Sometimes the positivity movement just goes too far. Who can find the positive side of a killing? Who benefits from a killing? Who enjoys the press alongside the murderer?

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Manifestos by mass murderers.

I refuse to participate in the theater of the absurd.

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Even God has critics.

Even on judgment day, when all is made plain, many will protest about how wrong God is.
As a kid I wondered at how easily Israel rejected God…

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Climate, gun bans, abortion… for central power.

It’s laughable when you hear abortionists say they want their bodies as deregulated as guns. You and I know that’s …

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Abortion is worse than slavery.

It’s 2022. The internet at our fingertips. We can know history and moral philosophy. Yet we still run after appetite. …

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How Darwin cancels Darwin

Nobody wants to discuss this elephant in the living room. Survival of the fittest doesn’t not fit and Judeo-Christian ethical …

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Free speech is the 2a for your voice.

All natural rights flow from the same source and for the same purpose.

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Do women bring peace with abortion?

Needs to be said..Being female alone does not mean peace just as being male along does not mean violence. Both …

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98% of abortion arguments fail.

And that 98% will glob into the arguments of the 2% worth hearing (eg. rape, mother at risk, etc) to …

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Rioting… right on schedule!

Need we say more? The left uses rioting as propaganda. It’s free advertising. It’s social mugging. They widespread pillaging (that …

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Are the unborn, persons, citizens, or immigrants?

When “choice” is your only criteria, you incoherently box yourself into other quandaries you claim to support.

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