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Committed to Freedom.


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On the 25th anniversary of Rich Mullins passing.

Early in my formation, Rich Mullins taught me the cost and passion of freedom more than anyone else.

“It’s okay to be lonely as long as you’ve free.”

The virtues of freedom ring more true than ever. And the costs are higher. And we are given a daily challenge to stand what we should stand for. Without freedom, love itself is crumbles. Freedom first because freedom has a purpose.

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The immoral chain-reaction to the income tax problem.

Our country doesn’t allow personal partnerships to reduce income tax penalties, unless you are married. So we rearranged marriage laws to include different kinds of partnerships. Gay marriage is necessary if one wants the tax benefits.

But would it be better to just be rid of the arbitrary thing called “income tax” than the morally grounded thing called “marriage”?…

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Two unchecked lies of our gender chaos

Here’s where we went wrong:

First, we wrongly believed sexual desire meant love.
This is unquestioned today. But sexual desire isn’t love. It’s just an appetite. Many relationships have been built with appetite (falling in and out of attraction) as the foundation. Because of this “love is love” became the meaning and purpose of marriage. Wrong premise. Wrong conclusion. Marriage is for procreation. Disagree all you want. But think harder about this before you do…

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A life worthy of freedom

At @voiceofthe2nd I pursue and celebrate freedom because it has a purpose. That purpose is to live a good life toward a moral authority larger than govt, mob, or neighbor. That’s what freedom is for…

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Is Labor Day a celebration?

Do a web search of Labor Day founders, events that preceded it, and national and international communist beliefs that influenced it. You’ll be enlightened and wonder why this these 19th century fashions remain a thing. Did you know your BBQ celebrates communist roots…

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People have rights, not government.

Governments don’t have natural rights. They are social constructs. When govt does not serve to protect the moral and natural rights of people, it is disqualified as a legal organization.

Private property is an individual right, ESPECIALLY income and housing. Therefore income and property taxes are wrong….

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Dale Fincher

Dale Fincher’s favorite word is freedom. It’s a commitment that got him kicked out of a fundamentalist Christian college for standing up to spiritual abuse. He went on to earn two Masters degrees in theater and philosophy of religion (Biola University). His deepest loyalty remains to understanding and following the teacher, Jesus. 

In his 20’s, Dale joined the itinerate team of Ravi Zacharias, and soon began to study systemic evil (spiritual abuse) and how it seduces organizations, families, politics and churches across America. From his early 30’s to mid-40’s Dale pastored Christians through Soulation, a non-profit he and his wife founded helping Christians recover from spiritual abuse. Zondervan published his first two books, Living with Questions and Coffeeshop Conversations. Dale’s wife, Jonalyn, traveled and pastored with him as they criss-crossed North America, often their young son in tow. 

Now Dale works in finance and fathers his two boys. He spends afternoons educating them in Exeter, New Hampshire where he and Jonalyn make their home. Between teaching Scripture, Geometry and Grammar, Dale posts daily memes celebrating freedom and guiding others back to Jesus’ path of reality. Follow him @voiceofthe2nd on Instagram.

Dale’s favorite days hold bass fishing, sailing, and home educating. His best evenings close with a thoughtful conversation on the back porch with Jonalyn. Listen to their faith-filled political conversations at their podcast Back Porch Conversations.


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