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Can you support both voting and equity?

“Democracy” is just an excuse to pretend governance must be through public opinion rather than natural law and natural rights. Therefore, if public opinion can exploit the voting system, Marxism can transition to removing voting altogether in the name of equity. The next step then is removing dissidents because equity means agreement. Then there is no competition as the Party Leader ensures none…

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What if govt itself is killing our future?

Cold fusion. Flying cars. Cheap and natural medicine. Cleaner air. More efficient self-defense tools. Happy populace. Stronger, healthier, wealthier communities and local businesses.

We underestimate the heavy burdens govt places on innocent people…

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The political bathroom door

“This restroom may be used by any person” is sufficient for a single stall bathroom. E.B. White would face palm the poor grammar. The rest is just announcing your team, HR dept regulations, and allegiance to a globalist financial agenda to destroy science and family….

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What’s the difference between a 2nd Amendment and a Pro-Choice rally?

Have you ever seen so many murders and conspirators show up in one place as a abortion rally? The mafia is wondering how to get they kind of protection…

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Gender Politics Trap

This one needs explaining.

If you’ve studied philosophy (metaphysics, philosophy of science, philosophy of mind), you run into this concept of “identity.”Identity is what a thing is. What is a tree? What is a cloud? What is an atom? What is diamond? What is a human person? And then analyzing it, you discover the necessary and sufficient conditions of what makes that thing what it is…

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Who gave the better response?

Just a curious observation of the last four days around the polarizing figure.

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Dale Fincher

Dale Fincher’s favorite word is freedom. It’s a commitment that got him kicked out of a fundamentalist Christian college for standing up to spiritual abuse. He went on to earn two Masters degrees in theater and philosophy of religion (Biola University). His deepest loyalty remains to understanding and following the teacher, Jesus. 

In his 20’s, Dale joined the itinerate team of Ravi Zacharias, and soon began to study systemic evil (spiritual abuse) and how it seduces organizations, families, politics and churches across America. From his early 30’s to mid-40’s Dale pastored Christians through Soulation, a non-profit he and his wife founded helping Christians recover from spiritual abuse. Zondervan published his first two books, Living with Questions and Coffeeshop Conversations. Dale’s wife, Jonalyn, traveled and pastored with him as they criss-crossed North America, often their young son in tow. 

Now Dale works in finance and fathers his two boys. He spends afternoons educating them in Exeter, New Hampshire where he and Jonalyn make their home. Between teaching Scripture, Geometry and Grammar, Dale posts daily memes celebrating freedom and guiding others back to Jesus’ path of reality. Follow him @voiceofthe2nd on Instagram.

Dale’s favorite days hold bass fishing, sailing, and home educating. His best evenings close with a thoughtful conversation on the back porch with Jonalyn. Listen to their faith-filled political conversations at their podcast Back Porch Conversations.


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