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Freedom is the common good.


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“Be yourself” is misleading.

This has been a majorly confused phrase of our time. You can’t be yourself if you don’t know who you are in an objective sense: your body/soul, your biology, your metaphysical purpose, your moral status, your abilities, etc. And you don’t know who you are with a mere inventory of your wants and hopes, which are contingent on contexts.

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Abortion and mass murder.

Journalists rouse from their repetition, politicians feel morally important, and the lobbyists open their wallets and send out their sleeper cells of protest whenever a mass murder occurs. They love it. Gives them purpose. They don’t have to appear as the moral degenerates they are on most other issues, like war, baby killing, codependent racist urban policies, taxation, etc. Smiles break across their faces at the news that a person with a firearm, no wait, a white man with a firearm did something…

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Glee to make life darker

Sometimes the positivity movement just goes too far. Who can find the positive side of a killing? Who benefits from a killing? Who enjoys the press alongside the murderer?

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Manifestos by mass murderers.

I refuse to participate in the theater of the absurd.

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Even God has critics.

Even on judgment day, when all is made plain, many will protest about how wrong God is.
As a kid I wondered at how easily Israel rejected God…

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Climate, gun bans, abortion… for central power.

It’s laughable when you hear abortionists say they want their bodies as deregulated as guns. You and I know that’s …

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Hello, here’s a little about me. As an author and speaker, I’ve engaged audiences for 30 years. With master degrees in both theater and philosophy, my real-world experience has taken me from early work in summer camp leadership to college student-body president, to the itinerate team of Ravi Zacharias, to later work running the non-profit, Soulation, for 15 years as founder and pastor, publishing books and speaking on four continents from universities to churches to city-wide events. I also love posting daily thought-provoking memes for education and discussion on social. I’m thrilled to engage audiences with the drama of stories and the beauty of big ideas, inviting people to join into the heart and meaning of freedom with God in modern society. I’m also an active fisherman, traveler, and home educator. My wife, Jonalyn, and I make our home with our two boys on the seacoast of New Hampshire.


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