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Red flag laws turn Karens into Krakens.

Due process is for everyone. All you need now is someone to tattle o. you as a “perceived threat” and the alphabet agencies will give you hell on their behalf. Basically, Karens turned Kraken.

All gun control laws are against non-gun owners too.…

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What would sound tempting to Jesus?

New format for #SundaySermon.
Ever thought about what would tempt Jesus? We all know what tempts us, what derails us, what things moves our appetites to trump our wills. For many, they are simple like lust, gluttony, laziness, neglect, passive aggression, selfishness. We should be honest about how weak we are. We should also celebrate when we see how resilient we’ve grown to some things that used to trip us…

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Juneteenth, Red Flags, end of Roe v. Wade

My recap observations on an unusual week in three slides.

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Back Porch, Ep. 26: “What’s Your End Game?”

Episode 26 released today.
People wonder why their lives are more dramatic? They want the pizzazz of war and disdain the fruits of peace? What’s your end game? What are you fighting for? What life lies on the other side of victory? Do you—or someone you know—crave drama over peace?
Check out today’s episode and let me know what you think.

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The 2nd Amendment prevents victims.

Codependent people favor victims. They need them. They can’t exist without them. Without victims, they can’t play hero, rescuer, and empathizer. They’d have no job. They’d drift until they found something productive. They don’t want productive. They want victims. They want to control people…

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Red flag laws can restrict abortions.

“Officer, someone is planning a murder. They even told me the date and location. They need their due process violated and their person restrained while you sort this out. If it saves just one life, it’s worth it….”

Red Flag Laws are abusive on the face. What is the penalty for false reporting? And what counts as “false”? Such a mess. And many Republicans backed this nonsense and nearly all Democrats. (It’s already a problem in Democrats led states.).

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Hello, here’s a little about me. As an author and speaker, I’ve engaged audiences for 30 years. With master degrees in both theater and philosophy, my real-world experience has taken me from early work in summer camp leadership to college student-body president, to the itinerate team of Ravi Zacharias, to later work running the non-profit, Soulation, for 15 years as founder and pastor, publishing books and speaking on four continents from universities to churches to city-wide events. I also love posting daily thought-provoking memes for education and discussion on social. I’m thrilled to engage audiences with the drama of stories and the beauty of big ideas, inviting people to join into the heart and meaning of freedom with God in modern society. I’m also an active fisherman, traveler, and home educator. My wife, Jonalyn, and I make our home with our two boys on the seacoast of New Hampshire.


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